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DinoBytes Services :

IT part :

Home user : Providing computer maintenance / Upgrading / Custom building
Office user : IT hardware negotiator and consultancy / IT supply services, Project management, System development, Networking installation, Server building / Backup / Management and all home user service above
Other IT related : Website hosting / Development, Server hosting / building / configuration, Cryptocurrency hashing supply / hosting

Supply part :

Home user : Basic home furniture, Dry food, Instant food, Frozen food, Fresh food
Office user : Basic office furniture, Agriculture supply

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The hiring process :

- Customer contact us or we contact them later ( if they fill in the enquiry form below )
- We go to your location and start the checking / troubleshooting process
- We consult with the customer for the right / best solution and also the total cost to proceed
- Customer agree to proceed
- We start the fixing process

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Enquiry form :
To hire us for our service, please fill in the form below so that we can contact you later..

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Project running by us :


Redbit : Bitcoin Hashing Hosted

Redbit is one of the many Bitcoin Hashing Hosted services out there, we believed we are the only one available in the Malaysia right now.. what we are really offering to the users is the Hashing Power Speed (HPS)


E1Mart Online store

E1Mart is one of our online shopping store, its still in beta stage where we still optimize it for convenience and better shopping experience


AIM advertising

This project is almost the same as you can find at any store with hanging TV advertising service. We have build the system, all the user have to do is install the system. This project is now OPEN to who ever want to join in

Open project



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